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Dental Academy for Continuing Professional Development

Academy Karlsruhe - Welcome
Tradition and Inovation

The Dental Academy Karlsruhe combines clinical institution and postgraduate education for dentists. It is very important for us to stay updated with the progress of dentistry and to share expertise through worldwide contacts.

Young Prosthodontic Educators Workshop 2016 October 16 - 19

A very warm welcome to Karlsruhe. Our town was formed in 1715 as a carefully planned cosmopolitan  city. Its streets radiate from the central castle like ribs of a fan, leading into many directions. This has become symbolic for the Young Prosthodontic Educators Workshop. The composition of our international expertise and the philosophy of enthusiasm for quality in dentistry made this workshop unique like the Karlsruhe castle.

The YPE Workshop is an international 4 day meeting with interesting presentations, tutorials and group discussions. The workshop participants will gain new experiences, enriched academic views and enhanced didactic skills while making new friends.